Fireplace Surrounds and Hearths

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Surround and Hearth

When it comes to fireplaces, understanding the importance of fireplace surrounds and hearths is crucial for both safety and aesthetics. At About Floors N' More, we specialize in helping you craft the perfect home environment, offering top-quality products and services while treating our customers with honesty and respect. Serving Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, & Neptune Beach, FL, our Jacksonville showrooms are ready to kickstart your fireplace project.

Your fireplace hearth provides foundational support, while the surround is a stylistic centerpiece. Typically crafted from durable materials like granite, marble, or limestone, hearths ensure longevity and stability under constant heat. Surrounds, on the other hand, offer versatility in design, with options ranging from natural stone to tile or solid wood. Our expert team will guide you in selecting the ideal fireplace surround and hearth tailored to your home’s unique style and requirements.

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